Shrine Empire Gallery @ India Art Summit, January 20-23, 2011, New Delhi, India

India’s Modern and Contemporary Art Fair – India Art Summit 2011

This month galleries, museums, and collectors from across India and around the world gather in New Delhi for the 3rd edition of India’s Modern and Contemporary Art Fair – India Art Summit (21-23 January 2011). After only 2 years, the art fair has grown in scale and scope, and gained international recognition as the country’s foremost platform for modern and contemporary art. Held over 4 days in an 8000 sq mtr exhibition space, with a city wide programme of events, it is expected that this edition of India Art Summit will attract over 60,000 people.

Art Fair
With 84 galleries from 20 countries displaying 500 artists, the 3rd edition includes the largest showcase of international art to be shown in India till date. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for art lovers and the general public to see a breadth of modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, video and other art practices of world renowned artists alongside some of the most exciting emerging international artists.

With 34 international galleries—double the number that participated in the previous year—the 3rd edition reflects the growing international interest in the Indian art market. While Indian art continues to go global, foreign galleries recognizing Indian collectors’ interest in acquiring blue chip international art are exhibiting works of world renowned artists at prices upwards of 1 million USD.

Galleries are presenting the works of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst and Anish Kapoor, along with seminal works by Indian modern artists, and leading contemporaries including Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher amongst others. Meanwhile in the inaugural Solo Projects Section, galleries will present in-depth solo exhibitions of 11 established and emerging artists. India Art Summit also provides an exciting showcase of fresh works from the most promising emerging artists, available at affordable price points starting at 500 USD.

Art Projects
Art Projects spread across the art fair venue have been developed by individual or groups of artists as interactive initiatives meant to engage the general visitors and bring about a spontaneous connection between the art, the spaces and the people.

Sculpture Park
This edition of the Sculpture Park is an extended space that includes large scale sculptures in the expansive outdoor area surrounding the art fair venue. The Sculpture Park goes beyond the curatorial theme of individual gallery booth presentations, and the 11 works that have been selected present different facets of contemporary art in a vibrant public context provided by the grounds of Pragati Maidan, one of the India’s oldest and largest exhibition grounds.

Speakers’ Forum
An exciting series of talks and presentations with over 40 internationally acclaimed speakers including Anish Kapoor (Artist), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Co-Director of the Serpentine Gallery, London), Homi Bhabha (Director of the Humanities Center, Harvard University), Sheena Wagstaff (Chief Curator, Tate Modern), Urs Stahel(Director and curator of Fotomuseum, Winterthur), Hou Honru (Director of Exhibitions and Public Programmes, San Francisco Art Institute) and some of the most influential artists, curators, museum directors and many more speakers from India. Speakers will lead sessions on varied topics including Contemporary Curatorial Practices: the Changing Role of the Curator, Indian Art on the International Art Circuit, The Art of Collecting, Shifting Cultural Contexts and the Role of the Museum, Fuelling the Growth of India as a Global Centre for Art, Philanthropy in the Arts – a presentation by Outset Contemporary Art Fund; A Deeper Look at Infrastructure Bui lding and Art Policy; Fuelling the Growth of India as a Global Centre for Art A Deeper Look at Infrastructure Bui lding and Art Policy.

Book Launches
8 new art publications by renowned art writers and publishers will be launched at India Art Summit.

Video Lounge
Visitors will have the opportunity to view an exciting video art programme video art by the internationally renowned, Turner Prize nominated Otolith Group, and contemporary artists from India and around the world.

Curated Walks
A range of curated walks will be on offer for visitors on the 21st to the 23rd of January 2011 (free of cost). Individuals or groups of visitors have the opportunity to explore the diverse art on display through guided walks by curators and students of art history.


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