Untitled (This is familiar but I can’t remember now…) {excerpt}, 2012, HD Video Installation w/Sound, TRT- 12:52

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/65471321 w=420&h=320]

A Video/Sound installation that addresses the fragility of memory as daily life becomes increasingly mediated by recording devices that augment, replace, and alter how events are remembered as well as experienced. The tendency to be looking at live events through our cameras or phone cameras is so prevalent, which introduces a negotiation between the way one remembers things in their own mind and how these events are represented through various recorded media. The veracity of memory becomes questionable, as memory is increasingly viewed through a lens that can be re-focused.

Projections illuminate large sheets of paper that are torn, restitched and assembled together in voluminous abstract 3D forms. These video sculptures are in a constant state of motion, fluttering in an artificial wind, highlighting their disjunctive and mutable nature. Monologues that draw on personal stories of those close to me accompany the video. Some are my memories, some are borrowed, some are embellished, some are the truth. As a whole the work points to the malleable nature of our remembrances, where one memory often conceals or alters another.


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