Bedtime Stories (The Mughal Empire) {excerpt}, 2012, 4:47 of 26:23

[vimeo w=420&h=320]

Bedtime Stories addresses a number of historical topics that my mother is knowledgeable about, some of which she began researching during her PH.D at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of London in the 1970s. These include The Mughal Empire, The Parsi People, The Mahabharata, the Salt March of 1930, the Quit India Movement, and the partition of India.

My mother and I discuss these topics during recorded phone conversations. The resulting dialogues are edited into lectures and paired with rapid-fire slideshows sourced from google image results. Hundreds of keywords pulled from the lectures are visualized, providing a collective counterpoint to the intimacy of my mother’s pedagogy.


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