Last Christmas (2007)


Last Christmas uses a combination of video, audio, and long exposure photography to illustrate the convoluted social infrastructure that is embedded within the artist’s family dynamic as they clash over the dinner table. Much visual information is veiled via a time-warping hybrid of still and motion photography, but the sound track amply conveys the company’s fraught interaction in variously antagonistic and grudgingly tolerant tones:

“I didn’t say it’s excellent, I said it’s good.”
“I said it’s excellent that you think it’s good.”

The family bickers over topics both global and quotidian, from the legacy of India’s colonial past to which cell phone company offers the best deal.Tensions mount; eventually Father accuses Mother of lying, though about what is unclear. In the end, Brother is assigned the task of cooking the duck for Christmas dinner, “as penance for fomenting the family argument.”