Untitled(Khandwa) (2015-2018)


Untitled(Khandwa), 2015-2018, 6-Channel HD Video Installation w/Sound

“Untitled(Khandwa)” uses a kind of television table-top performance to layer documentary based footage of Kansara’s family. Multiple layerings of projection and screen are interacted with by the artist, who paints and scrapes the video layers to collage and confuse the imagery. The footage shows Kansara and his Mother visiting Khandwa in India where the artist’s great-grandmother lived in a large estate that has now been swallowed by rapid urbanization, and exists today as a supply shop. The footage documents the journey and interactions with family members who have never met before, as a starting point for a another reflection about the challenge of piecing things together, of figuring out where we come from, what that means, and whether it matters.